Shower Glass Enclosures in Atlanta, Frames and Textures to Create a Gorgeous Bathroom

Glass shower enclosures can be customized by the frame and the actual texture of the glass. There are about five main framing options to help illuminate the glass surface, and they ready a visual spectacle that can match the overall décor of the bathroom. The glass company atlanta ga administers the below unit finishes.

Nickel: Nicket is a darker and subtler than the below silver option.

Silver: Silver has this glossy look to it that shines, very similar to the gold finish.

Satin: Satin is a light gray, compared to Nickel it is similar aside from being a softer color in general.

Gold: The gold finish is glossy.

Bronze: bronze is the darkest finish. It is a dark non-glossy brown

The atlanta glass and mirror options get more varied, and there are many more to choose from. The option list includes about 15 total, though some companies may offer more or less depending on their own credentials and installations. Some of the most popular (and a few underused) options are detailed below. All the below CHC Glass options are non-transparent to some degree.

Reed: Reed is completely vertical. It consists of deep vertical lines that create a screen effect with the glass. It consists of vertical columns that are tightly knit together.


Aquatex: This Atlanta Glass and Mirror option is spotty and casual. It consists of many very subtle and light grooves that seem naturally sprayed across the glass pane. It creates the illusion of water pressed against the glass.

Rain: Rain is one of the more thickly textured options. It is completely non-transparent. It creates an effect similar to thick rain showers spraying across glass. Its thick lines and exaggerated details create a dizzying yet beautiful effect.

Flutex: This is a thicker version of Reed. Vertical shafts extend throughout the glass, but each column is wider compared to the Reed option.

Storm: This glass texture is most fitting with the bronze finish. It creates this visual style that looks like hands have created waves and marks across the glass. It also has this distinct foggy effect which is enchanting.

A glass company atlanta ga may have different names and different options, but there is also a lot of variety to give customers plenty to choose from. These textured shower enclosures encapsulate the best in design and style, and they can facilitate this amazing effect that is accentuated throughout the entire bathroom decor.

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